Zojirushi ec-ysc100 Review: A Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

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3.6/5 on October 19, 2017

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1. Keeps coffee warm for hours.

2. It offers An automatic clean cycle that maintains hygiene for your coffee maker for fresh coffee.

3. Sleek design that enables easy opening and closing up of the machine.

4. There is battery backup for the clock and brew timer. Accidental plug-outs may happen. It preserves all the information as per the programming.

5. Durable as stainless steel is its material for manufacture. It is also easy to rinse.


1. Retails at a higher price as compared to other coffee makers.

2. Has a 10 cup limitation for hold and coffee making purposes.


Are you looking for an easy to use and clean the coffee maker? Then the coffee machine is a perfect choice that will suit your needs.

In as much as the price attached to this machine can discourage you, you can be sure to get value for your money.

It has additional capabilities. Its ability to clean itself is an added advantage. This feature ensures that you can access a clean brewing environment any time that you need to use the machine.

The simplicity and workability that comes with the coffee machine are worth the price. Additionally, the grand design ensures that you can use the machine regardless of your level of expertise.

The large labeled buttons will simplify your brewing process as you will not have to read the manual. You would not have to undergo the coffee warming struggle if you left your brew for hours therein. The machine is designed to keep your coffee warm for long hours.

The Zojirushi ec-ysc100 coffee maker is designed to brew a lot more flavorful coffee as compared to other machines. You will enjoy a superior flavor extraction with this coffee maker.

Its sleek and stylish design guarantees easy brewing of coffee without the need for any expert knowledge. You can brew up to ten cups of coffee in an instance.

You can effortlessly remove the water reservoir for your coffee, so you refill with fresh water for your coffee. The sweet tasting coffee is a guarantee due to the automated cycle of cleaning.

If you are looking to get value for the money that you spend, then the Zojirushi coffee maker is worth buying. Its stainless steel provides resistivity to rust which ensures that your machine is durable enough.

Moreover, there is battery backup that you will enjoy. Your machine will stand no chances of losing your programmed coffee brewing settings at any accidental unplugging instance.

Design and Hardware

The coffee maker is custom designed for the 10-cup carafe brewing. It has thumb activated pouring which also ensures that there is no temperature loss from the remaining coffee.

Heat is locked in the machine, and thus your coffee will be warm for hours. Moreover, the coffee maker contains a removable tank for easy filling of fresh water from your water source. The portability therein is incredible.

With this coffee maker, you enjoy effortless cleaning due to the removable swing basket and filter that will comfortably fit out.

Moreover, the tapered design of the coffee maker ensures that you are not faced with any challenges when pouring out the coffee. Its thermal carafe provides a convenient serving mechanism. You can carry it anywhere for serving purpose due to its portability.

Additionally, the stainless steel for the manufacture of this coffee maker is rust resistant. This advantage ensures that the durability of your machine is taken a notch higher. The flavor that you will enjoy when using this coffee maker is exclusive, unique and luxurious.


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Zojirushi ec-ysc100

1. Programmable Features: The coffee maker warrants 24-hour programmable timer delays. You can, therefore, enjoy fresh coffee in the morning without much hassle.

2. Clean Light Alert: You might not be aware when your coffee maker has dirt deposits that may necessitate cleaning. The clean light alert notifies you whenever the coffee maker creates dirt deposits.

This feature is essential in maintaining hygiene when brewing coffee. You will get an indication that will prompt you to clean the machine since it will need cleaning up.

3. Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Carafe: The insulated stainless steel carafe has been incorporated in the Zojirushi coffee maker design as well.

It works to keep coffee above 158 degrees for two hours after brewing while using only 1200W. You can brew ten cups at an instance and half, of the cups, can be served immediately.

4. Thumb Activated Pouring: This feature works to ensures that you can quickly pour and serve your coffee. Additionally, it has a slightly tapered design that provides for no dribbling.

5. BPA-Free Surfaces: The BPA- free quality works to guarantee the durability of your coffee maker as it comes to contact with various food particles.

6. Removable Water Tank: Filling of the coffee maker with fresh brewing water has been made easy with the removable container. The tank is also dishwasher safe and therefore has easy cleaning and maintenance procedures.

You can also measure the brewing water conveniently onto the tank. The removable water tans simplifies the entire brewing process.

Battery and Compatibility

You will encounter a clock and brew timer when using the coffee maker. There is battery backup that has been provided and ensures to keep the programmable setting if you accidentally unplug the machine. When you get the device plugged in back, there is no need for fresh programming of your coffee maker.

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Note Worth

A coffee maker is a unique machine that will cater to your needs. It has extra features such as the ability to keep your coffee warm for hours.

Despite the fact that most consumers have cited its expensiveness, it is a worthy investment to make. You will get more value from this coffee maker as compared to its counterparts and competitors in the industry.

The 10 cup limitation might make you want to change your mind on purchasing this machine. However, the rich flavor that you will enjoy when using this tool to brew your coffee is irresistible. The incredible design is also a plus as you can serve your coffee without limitation.

The stainless steel used ensures durability as well. The value you will get for investing in this coffee maker is worth an investment.