Technivorm Moccamaster Kbt 741 Review: Is It Really Best?

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3.9/5 on September 30, 2017

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1.  Accurate brewing temperature.

2. Well, and simple-built.

3. Produce great coffee.

4. Double-lined stainless metal carafe that is durable and keeps the coffee hot.


1. Expensive

2. Coffee is not saturated evenly

3. Poor design of the thermal carafe


If you are looking for a home coffee brewer for great coffee and durable the coffee maker is the best choice you can make.

The Technivorm Moccamaster Kbt 741 coffee maker is known for making great coffee. It has great features that are unique to it in comparison with other models available in the market.

Design and Hardware

The coffee machine is attractive because it consists sharp angles, clean lines and lots of negative space. It is very solid with an all-aluminum body.

The copper heating element heats water more efficiently and lasts longer. It has built in the Netherlands by a Dutch company, making its quality; great in comparison with Chine made brewers.

The coffee machine carafe is stainless and does not require unscrewing or levels to pour. It comes with an upgraded removable showerhead with multiple holes making the need to stir grounds less critical and cleaning easier.

The brewer basket accepts four brewer baskets. It has an open design with no top with a neat little mechanical slider that can resist the flow out of the bottom of the filter basket to half-open, full or completely closed.


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Technivorm Moccamaster Kbt 741 Review

1. Brewing Temperature

The coffee maker brews at the ideal temperature of 92-94 degrees Celsius, and it is consistent throughout the brewing process.

This contributes to a proper extraction of flour from the coffee grounds preventing bitterness. Drip coffee tastes are better when brewed at the correct temperatures. It has the right brewing, and holding temperatures are meeting the requirements by SCAA/ ECBC/SCAE.

2. Speed

It brews the coffee faster with the brewing cycle finishing in six minutes. The coffee machine undergoes testing for the speed, heat quality to meet the manufacturer standard guidelines.

It meets the strict requirements of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) and Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) for coffee brewing quality. It has certification from European Coffee Brewing Centre (ECBC).

3. Capacity

It has a capacity of 1.25 liters brewing up to 10 cups.

4. Durability

It has built in the Netherlands using the high-quality materials and parts making it durable. It comes with a five-year warranty, which is excellent and ensures that the investment will last.

Note that only legit dealers have the warranty. The repairs are done at a meager price upon the expiry of the warranty.

5. Effective Handling

The coffee maker competent to handle as it measures 6.6’’×11’’×12’’ and weighs about 6.2 lbs making it light.The coffee machine has a different pour-over, single brew basket without drip-stop.

It has an illuminated on/off switch brew stop if the jug is not in the right place. It contains the thermal carafe that contributes to keeping the coffee hot and fresh.

With indicator lights that show when the carafe is in the right position to start brewing. It features a scale indicator and effortless ready to read water container written in both units of cups and liters.

6. Copper Boiling Element

The copper boiling element makes the Technivorm a heavy-duty boiler with double safety guard. The boiling element turns off in the absence of water in the tank or when the carafe removed from the brewer.

The new version of the coffee machine includes the drip through the lid in addition to the standard carafe lid. This cover keeps the coffee hot coffee longer due to less exposure to air.

 7. Filter Options

It has easy filter options. One can use reusable Swiss gold cone filters or disposable paper filters. This increases the amount of time between descaling and prevents the impurities in the tap water from making it to the coffee. The filter holder includes a manually operated filter stop.

8. Material

Each unit has hand-built and tested by well paid, knowledgeable and ethically treated people of Netherlands meeting the highest quality standards. It has built aluminum housing with durable brew components.

The carafe is stainless, and the plastics are free from dangerous ingredients such as BPA, BPF and BPS made from high-density plastics.

The 9-hole spray head ensures the grounds are wet evenly for a perfect extraction of flavor each time. It is available in polished silver or black.

9. Carafe

This coffee machine solidly built with an on /off switch with a three position switch to control the flow of coffee into the carafe.

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Note That Worth: Is Technivorm moccamaster kbt 741 Too Powerful in Its Price Range

The coffee maker has earned accreditation for its quality performance. It overall described as a simple, elegant and precise electric drip brewer. It is even energy saving brewer in the sense that it brews the coffee at a very high speed.

Most of the parts are removable making the cleaning of the brewer easy. When one removes the cover on the water, tank it reveals a full mouth was making it easy to pour water in. This helps in during those coordination challenged pre-dawn hours.

Watching the brewing process inside this brewer proves to be fun. It does not disappoint and consistently make delicious pots of coffee, truly sublime of flavor. The brewing cycle taking at least five to six minutes prove the raw prowess of the performance.

Despite it being expensive, would recommend it to any coffee fanatics and serious foodies. It has an elegant design, hard good looks with delectable batches of drip coffee making it a must-have for any coffee lover. Its ability to keep coffee hot for up to six hours is an additional point to keep in mind.