5 Best Single Cup Coffee Maker Review & Buyer’s Guide

Best Single Cup Coffee Maker

There is no doubt that owning a best single cup coffee maker is important if you want a wonderful gourmet coffee shop experience in the comforts of your home. However, you need to make informed decisions to ensure that you receive the best value for money.

This not only includes sourcing for the best coffee but also owning the appropriate tools. Simply put, these types of coffee makers can only prepare enough coffee for a single batch.

It is important to note that all single serve coffee makers are ideal for reducing the brewing time and to simplify the brewing process. This is achieved by reducing the need for procedures such as measuring flavorings, portions, and additives in large containers.

Similar to choosing any coffee maker, there are some few factors to consider for the best results. We have identified these features and more in this single-serve machine review.

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List of Best Single Cup Coffee Maker 2018

Product NameWeightSpecial FeaturePrice
Mixpresso Single Cup Brewer7.2 poundsAutomatic shut off after the brewing. Check Price
Aicok Single Serve Coffee Maker2.4 poundsAuto shut off and heat functionalities. Check Price
Litchi Single Serve Coffee Maker4.4 poundsBrew K cups Pods of all flavors Check Price
Keurig K55/K-Classic Coffee Maker12 poundsBrews multiple K-cup POD sizes. Check Price
LDesign Single Serve Coffee Maker3.53 poundsAdvanced one-button control. Check Price

1. Mixpresso Single Cup Brewer


Are you searching for a coffee maker that has practical features? Consider the Single Cup Brewer by Mixpresso. This cup works with various types of K-cups, and it also provides three brewing options.

Furthermore, this coffee maker also has an automatic shut off functionality for added convenience. In particular, the machine will shut off automatically after the brewing process.

This best single cup maker brews fast and its highly efficient as well. Designed to be compact and energy efficient, this single cup drip coffee maker is a worthwhile addition to your kitchen or office.

It also has an exceptional 45 fluid ounces detachable water reservoir. This makes it simple to clean the coffee maker and for improved brewing quality. With an exceptional preheating time that averages at thirty seconds, this coffee maker delivers your beverage within minutes.

The brewing process also takes up minimal time. In fact, this Nespresso coffee machine will have your coffee ready within a few minutes. You can also operate it with a capsule to just obtain some hot water for your needs.

Designed to be compact, the Mixpresso machine leaves a small footprint in your space and without any compromise on performance.

This machine is also simple and straightforward to program, which makes it convenient for any user. The removable drip tray suits various types of height cups, and it also stops the coffee from splashing as well.

With its lightweight, narrow and durable profile, this machine is portable enough for various purposes. This includes the kitchen, party, and even the office.


  • Three brewing options 6oz, 8 oz, 10 oz.
  • Automatic shut off after the brewing.
  • Durable design construction.
  • Compatible with all types of k cups.
  • Fast preheating and brewing times.

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Single Serve Coffee Maker


  • This best pod espresso machine has automatic features for optimal user convenience.
  • It also has a durable exterior and a non-slip base as well.
  • The ergonomic handles make it simple to carry around.


  • The brewing time sometimes takes more than three minutes.

2. Aicok Single Serve Coffee Maker


Take your coffee brewing regime to the next level with the Alckok Single serve coffee maker. It comes with fast brew technology which suits any single-cup pods. Additionally, the machine has special K-cup pods, and it only takes 2 minutes to make a fresh cup of coffee.

The Alcok Single serve machine is also simple to use. In fact, it comes with one button and auto shut off functionality for convenience.

Besides that, the machine lets you enjoy various coffee flavors easily. The inclusion of an amply sized water reservoir makes it convenient for your needs. This includes enjoying flavors such as hot chocolate and milk-based specialties among others.

The coffee maker also brews hot enough such that your beverage is ready to go. Designed to be compact and durable at the same time, this machine is portable for travel or home use.

Discover the various K cup POD varieties that are available including Lipton, Starbucks, and Green Mountain Coffee. The machine is also available in various colors to compliment your interior décor.

Users will also appreciate that this coffee machine is available with a reusable filter for added user convenience. Whether you want to wake up or arrive home to find hot coffee waiting, this machine helps you achieve this goal.

This is because it has a programmable timer for optimal user convenience. Additionally, this coffee maker is compatible with various brands of K-Cup pods and other coffee grounds. The adjustment of the extraction pressure technology works well to produce fresh and delicious coffee.


  • Fast brew technology and could touch exterior.
  • Auto shut off and heat functionalities.
  • Durable and compact construction.
  • Fits most types of single cup pods.
  • Removable drip tray and water reservoir.

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Aicok Single Serve Coffee Maker


  • This highest rated coffee maker has a removable drip tray and water reservoir.
  • It also has auto shut off and programmable features for convenience.
  • This machine is compatible with various types of K-cup Pods.


  • The water reservoir is not large enough for making large amounts of coffee.

3. Litchi Single Serve Coffee Maker


Making coffee is all about owning the appropriate resources. This includes a fully featured coffee maker such as the LitchI Single serves coffee maker. This machine comes with various unique features to make it the perfect addition to anyone who likes coffee on the go.

For instance, it comes with a presoak programming feature for coffee. Additionally, it also has air flow blending programming which is suitable for hot cocoa and more.

This helps to provide rich and smooth coffee results each time. Besides that, the machine also provides powerful performance and fast brewing benefits. In fact, with as much as 1200 watts of power, this machine brews your coffee fast.

It also provides an exceptional preheating time that is short as 15-20 seconds. It also has a programmable timer which lets you customize your the coffee preparation process.

The manufacturers have done well to include a non-slip base and ergonomic handles for added user convenience. More so, the inclusion of 40 OZ detachable transparent reservoir lets you brew as much as 4 cups of coffee. The Litchi Single serve coffee maker also provides easy and improved cleaning performance.

It has a removable k cup holder, sport and drip tray for cleaning convenience. Further lending to the practical design of this machine is that it has a durable and appealing exterior design. The durable design means that the Litchi Single serve machine can last for several years. On top of that, the appealing construction means that it complements your interior décor.


  • Brew K cups Pods of all flavors.
  • Presoak and airflow programming.
  • 40 0Z detachable and transparent reservoir.
  • K-cup holder, spout and drip tray.

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Litchi Single Serve Coffee Maker


  • This single cup coffee brewer has a non-slip base and ergonomic handles.
  • It also provides presoak programming to suit various flavors.


  • The programmable interface is complex for some users.

4. Keurig K55/K-Classic Coffee Maker


This machine comes with 4 K cup Pods and a water filter handle. This helps you to produce beverages fast and with high-quality results.

The machine can also brew various types of K cup POD sizes. With the inclusion of the amply sized water reservoir, this machine lets you brew 6 cups before refilling.

This helps you to save time, and it simplifies your coffee preparation process. The water reservoir is also detachable, which makes it simple to refill. Additionally, the Keurig K55 is also available with a descaling feature.

This is an important aspect of hygiene process. In fact, it helps to eliminate the effects of calcium deposits or scale that can accumulate inside your coffee maker.

On top of that, the coffee maker is equipped with an auto shut off feature that is simple to program. In fact, the auto program feature lets you turn off your coffee maker after two hours of brewing which helps you to save energy.

It also has simple touch buttons, which make your brewing experience stress free and convenient. The machine has multiple K cup POD brew sizes which make it easy to prepare the perfect cup.

Whether you enjoy string coffee, mild, decaf or flavored coffee, this machine is the perfect solution for your needs. This machine is available in fun tow colors, to complete your décor. Best of all, it is available with an exceptional 48oz water reservoir, to allow you to brew 6+ cups before refilling.


  • 4K Cup pods and water filter handle.
  • Brews multiple K-cup POD sizes.
  • Large 48 oz water reservoir.
  • Descaling feature and durable construction.

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Keurig K55K-Classic Coffee Maker


  • This best-tasting coffee maker is available in various appealing colors.
  • It can also brew several k-cup pod sizes.


  • The water filter requires replacement at some point.

5. LDesign Single Serve Coffee Maker


Equip yourself with the coffee maker that provides one-touch operation benefits. This machine also has automatic and manual control features for added convenience.

The inclusion of the simple one-touch button design and auto shut off feature make it practical for your needs. It only takes an average of 3 minutes for the brewing process to complete and at the perfect temperature.

The light but durable anti-drip coffee outlet and non-slip base can efficiently protect your coffee machine. This machine also has a filter with ergonomic handles for comfort and simple functionality. With its detachable drip tray and water reservoir, this coffee machine provides convenient cleaning.

The machine is also compatible with various types of single cup capsules, and it can use real cups. The K-cup or reusable pods are perfect for homes, hotels, and offices.

Taking things to the next level, this machine also brews your coffee within minutes and with specific temperature calibration benefits. This coffee maker no pods is available with a 12 oz reservoir, which makes coffee preparation a simple process.

Users will also appreciate that this machine is capable of one key control, with four steps to make easily and efficiently. The removable drip tray design can suit various height cups and stop the effects of coffee splashing.

Further lending to the practical design of this coffee maker is that it has a durable and cool touch exterior. This means that its durable for travel or home use, and it’s also appealing enough for your interior décor.


  • Non-slip base and anti-drip coffee outlet.
  • Fast heating time and large water reservoir.
  • Advanced one-button control.
  • K cup capsule and reusable PODs.

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best single cup coffee maker


  • This coffee machine offers fast heating and brewing times.
  • It also has an advanced one-button control feature.


  • The reusable PODs are not durable enough.

Buyer’s Guide

Type of Single Serve Machine

There are various types of single-serve brewers, and these differ when it comes to coffee brewing capabilities. Ensure that you evaluate your chosen machine before you purchase to ensure that it can deliver the ideal coffee quality for your needs.

A good recommendation is to go for brands that provide products with practical features. Additionally, the ideal single serve machine should offer various creamy lattes, gourmet and regular coffees that may be ideal for your needs.

Also, these types of coffee makers differ widely in functionality, which makes it important to consider all the main features of the machine. The functionality of your single serve machine will also be improved by the availability of various resources.

This includes the K-cups or capsules as well. There are different types of systems that are available. The common ones in most drip coffee maker reviews include:

  • Coffee pods or coffee pads- these refer to coffee pods that are used to ground coffee beans in a filter.
  • A coffee capsule- is different from coffee pods in that the coffee is stored in special aluminum packages or plastic rather than paper. This is often developed to suit single brands or systems and to provide convenient coffee production benefits.
  • C coffee bags- these were developed to make it simple to prepare ` for the go` coffee and to maintain the flavor at the same time. Developed to look like tea bags, these bags comprise of special gauze bags, and they contain a mixture of finely ground roast and instant coffee. This can then be placed in hot water for a few minutes to achieve the best flavor.

Capacity & Cup Selections

Although some single serve brewers are only capable of producing a cup of one size, other machines provide flexible options.

For instance, a 10 to 12 oz brew size is ideal for traveling mugs, while those who want espressos can settle for the 4 to 5 oz cup sizes.

A machine that can produce both these types of coffee can be beneficial for your needs. More so, you also need to consider the number of people who will be using the machine and whether the options can suit your needs.

The brew strength can be customized by choosing various cup options. The size of the water reservoir might not be important for some, but for several users, a large tank means more convenience.

Power & Performance

The power and brewing performance of a coffee maker is also crucial. This includes aspects such as the brewing temperature and speed.

Ensure that you choose a coffee maker that can deliver sufficient power for brewing your coffee. The average power rating for a good single serve machine averages in between 1200 and 1500 watts.

More so, the noise produced during operation is also an essential performance factor. Simply put, choose a coffee machine that is silent and powerful at the same time.

Other features such as a programmable clock and brew temperature are also key. Some brewers are available with an internal tank that is preheated to make it ready to brew. Features such as the sleep mode can also be handy especially if you are forgetful.

Ease of Use

A good coffee machine is also simple and straightforward to use. In particular, the machine should have well-positioned controls that are basic enough for novice users to navigate.

All though you might need some practice before mastering the controls, the overall operation process should be simple.

Generally, most high-end coffee brands incorporate their products with practical operation features for a hassle-free user experience. More so, these types of one-touch designs provide convenience, save time and in cleanup process as well.

The water reservoir is also another important aspect when it comes to ease of use. To be specific, the tank should be simple to detach for the cleaning process.

The machine should also be available with a product manual to gain more insight about scale removal and machine maintenance among many other procedures.

Physical Size Considerations

Although some kitchens can accommodate most coffee maker sizes, others tend to have limited space. Therefore, choosing a single serve coffee machine that leaves a small footprint is beneficial.

The machine should be stable and with a non-slip base to ensure that it sits safely on the counter. More so, ensure that you consider the height of the area you want to place your brewing machine.

The coffee machine should also have a durable and appealing construction. The durable construction means that the machine can last for several years and with minimal issues if any, in operation. The appealing construction means that the machine should complement your interior décor.

Programmable User Interface

A good coffee machine also has programmable features that let you adjust the machine functionalities to suit your needs. To achieve this goal, most coffee makers are often available with programmable interfaces such as LCD screen and one-touch button features.

The ideal coffee maker is also available with programmable features that make it easy to brew coffee at a specific strength level. In particular, a drip coffee maker has a specific setting that makes it simple to perform infinite quality evaluations.

More so, the coffee maker should also have a thermal unit that works to maintain the temperature of coffee. This feature helps you to save on cash especially in the long-term perspective.

The programmable features make It simple to customize the operation of the machine, which makes it perfect for the on the go purposes.

Filter Type and Brewer Strength

Another important aspect to consider relates to the specific type of filter used. Generally, a reusable filter is ideal though you may have to spend on additional supplies.

Alternatively, you could opt for the disposable paper filters, which also produce high-quality coffee and are affordable as well.

You might also have to consider the capabilities of the filter for your needs since this determines the overall quality of the coffee.

That said, using long-term filters often lead to an increased build-up of residue and particles. These can compromise the overall flavor of the current batch of your coffee.

Coffee Brewer Accessories

An equally important aspect of a good coffee maker relates to the availability of accessories. It’s important to note that a good single coffee maker comprises various components.

These components are sometimes prone to damage and will, therefore, require replacement. A good coffee maker should be available with practical replacement parts which are readily available.

Other accessories that may be convenient for your needs include water filter replacements and descaling solutions.

Other considerations

  •  LCD functionality- a good coffee machine comes with an LCD which makes it simple to customize the operation of the machine.
  •  Brand manufacturer- choosing reliable brands has various benefits. Some of the top ones include Alcko, Mixpresso, Litchi, and Keurig.
  • Design appeal- you also need a coffee maker that compliments your interior décor and with practical features
  • Non-slip base and ergonomic features- the coffee maker should be stable enough on the counter and with ergonomic features for ease of transport.
  • Durability- choose a coffee maker that is made using durable components to ensure long-lasting performance benefits.

Wrapping it up

Taking all the important factors into perspective, there is no space for poor decision making or insufficient improvisation when it comes to choosing practical solutions. This is why we prepared this best single serve coffee maker reviews and buyers guide for you. The single cup coffee maker is ideal for preparing for the go coffee. Ensure that you choose one that has practical features to suit your unique coffee preparation needs.

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