Keurig k15 Coffee Maker Review: A Unique Coffee Machine

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3.2/5 on October 10, 2017

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1. Compact and therefore saves up storage space.

2. Easy and efficient for use in making coffee.

3. Energy efficient and durable

4. Compatible with the reusable filter hence easy to clean

5. Easy to use and button control system.

6. Affordable and with great value


1. No reservoir and you will have to load water anytime you wish to brew a cup of coffee.

2. It is shorter than other trays. Some cups will only fit in after you remove the drip tray. Most travel mugs do not fit when the drip tray is in place.

3. You can only heat the water that is in demand as there lacks an extra storage tank.


If you are looking for a stylish coffee maker that will ensure you can have hot coffee, this is the machine to consider.

The price matches the value that you will get. Despite the fact that some cups may not fit in this machine, it is an incredible machine to purchase.

The price range set for this coffee maker is affordable. You will be able to squeeze its purchase in your budget without affecting it.

It might seem a little more expensive when compared to other coffee makers. However, the value is also incredible as you will have your coffee hot enough. You will not have to struggle to use the machine as well.

Also, the unique and sleek design will give your kitchen a gorgeous look while adding to the décor.

The Keurig k15 coffee maker is the best coffee maker that you can have within its price range and yet get to enjoy a lot of convenience and efficiency.

Despite the tremendous and incredible features cited, the machine lacks a reservoir to accommodate extra water for later coffee brewing.

Design and hardware

The Keurig K15 Single Serve Compact K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, True Blue comes with a removable drip tray. You can remove the tray so you can make coffee using your travel mug as they are larger than other mugs.

There is an auto-off feature that comes with the coffee maker. This ensures that after 90 seconds of inactivity, the machine can go off and hence energy that could go to waste is saved.

It comes with a water reservoir that can hold one cup. The reservoir also adds to the portability of the coffee maker. Only fresh water can be poured into the reservoir and used for coffee brewing.

The coffee maker comes with a unique wheeled rolling system that will allow you to push it back and forth effortlessly. Its compatibility with My K-Cup reusable coffee filter ensures that coffee particles that cannot dissolve in water get to dissolve.

Its programmable controls as well as the button control system ensures that you can navigate the coffee maker with ease. It has inbuilt indicator lights that will guide you through the brewing process and signal you when your coffee is ready for consumption.

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Keurig k15 Coffee Maker Review


1. Removable drip tray: The removable drip tray ensures that your travel mugs can fit in the machine as well. Travel mugs are a bit larger as compared to other cups. Their size necessitates removal of the tray so they fit in and you can conveniently brew your coffee.

2. Auto-off Feature: This is the feature that makes this coffee maker energy efficient. It can automatically switch itself off after 90 seconds of inactivity. The switching off ensures that energy will not get consumed during inactive phases.

3. Water reservoir: It has a water reservoir that accommodates a single cup. It is another feature that promotes the portable design of the machine. Also, you can only add fresh water for each brew that you may want.

4. Keurig Storage Drawer: This is made to give you an ultimate space saving solution. This is an external accessory that is optional but essential for your coffee maker. It can accommodate up to 35 K-Cup Pods without taking up extra space on your kitchen counter. This coffee maker comes with the expandable ability to hold the storage drawer.

5. A unique wheeled rolling system: This allows you to push your coffee machine back and forth under your cabinets with a lot of ease. Convenience is also guaranteed since you do not have to struggle to carry the coffee maker.

6. Made to use a descaling solution: The descaling solution does not accompany the coffee maker on the purchase. Descaling process is useful for the removal of calcium deposits and scale that can accumulate in the machine over time.

The material used in making the machine is such that it cannot corroded by descales. Descaling solutions can acquire separately and used in the preservation of your brewer’s performance.

7. Compatibility with My K-Cup reusable filter: My K-Cup reusable coffee filter enables you to do away with coffee particles that may not completely dissolve in the water. It ensures that your coffee is free of residues and therefore of high quality.

8. Programmable controls and other features: The machine has inbuilt indicator lights that help in guiding you through the brewing process. The indicator lights made to show you what stage of the brewery that your coffee is at and when it is ready for consumption. You cannot, however, brew coffee for more than ninety seconds as the machine set to go off.

Investment worth: Is Keurig k15 coffee maker own your price range?

Many users have raised the alarm on the price range of this coffee maker. The fact that it is expensive as compared to other coffee makers discourages some users.

However, it contains additional features such as the ability to turn itself off after 90 seconds of inactivity. The compact size of this coffee maker increases its portability. You can pack and leave it.

The ease of clean that comes with this machine is incredible. You are in a position to remove the drawer so your travel mug can fit therein. Your decision to buy this coffee maker is a step towards comfortability and easy brewing of coffee.

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