Hamilton Beach 49980A Review: Most Versatile Coffee Maker

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4/5 on June 5, 2018

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12,306 reviews


1. Adjusts appropriately to fit the various sizes of cups
2. Prepares a large number of cups at a time
3. Allows you to determine the strength and quality of brews
4. Comparatively cheap than most other brewers


1. Lacks several vital features
2. Unsuitable for commercial brewing


Coffee is a great beverage indeed. It helps us to stay awake and warm beside refreshing us. Given that its crave may often arise unexpectedly, it is necessary that you equip yourself adequately to satisfy this craving. The answer lies in a coffee brewing machine that is specially designed and easy to operate.

The Hamilton Beach 49980A brewing machine which forms the basis of this review is an outstanding example of such kind of an appliance. To begin with, it basically makes cups of coffee instantly.

You just have to pour the coffee into it, pour water, set the right temperatures and brewing time, and there you have it! We are going to examine its features and suitability for the task of brewing coffee in the subsequent discussions.

Built & Design

On the whole, this coffee is suited for the task of preparing brews perfectly well. It does have a carafe that can accommodate 12 cups at a time. This allows you to prepare your favorable coffee while on the go.
It also gives you two options to prepare your coffee; the single cup and the 12-cup respectively. In light of this, you have the ability to make coffee for an entire family as well.

Other than that, it generally has a sleek compact design. You can carry it out and about to your desired location with ease. You will also have the pleasure to store it just about anywhere owing to the fact that it requires limited storage space.

Lastly, if not in use, you may also use it to enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen. It is indeed fair to behold courtesy of its great aesthetics. Its smooth lines and shiny appearances will capture the attention of any visitor.

Hamilton Beach 49980A


Brew Strength Function: This functionality basically gives the freedom and ability to determine the strength of the coffee. You will have the ability to choose from regular or bold coffee. The function is programmable and is as such easier and more convenient to engage. It also shuts off automatically at the conclusion of the brewing process.

Carafe-side Water Reservoir: You will not have to fetch water from a remote location every quite often to brew your coffee. This is because the machine is fitted with the carafe which acts as a reservoir for water. It also has calibrations to aid you in determining the right quantity to use at any given time.

Multilevel Cup Rest: Just like water above, you will not have to spend too much time looking for your cup. This brewer has a multi-level cup rest which holds and stores several cups at a time. It has the ability to adjust automatically to respond to the sizes of various cups.

Control Panel and Display: You will enjoy the benefit of keeping an accurate track of the brewing process. The control panel and display units shall make this possible. They basically display the progress, issue warnings, and alters every quite often. The quality of your coffee will not at all be compromised.

Brew Strength Selector: Other than the strength of the coffee, you will also be able to determine the flavor thereof. This brewer has a brew strength selector to make this possible. You will have two main options to choose from; the regular and the bold flavor respectively. Why would you look elsewhere?

Pod Holder: Lastly, it does have a pod holder. This part of the brewer holds the soft pods in place to let them be brewed well. This feature also spares you from excess dirt and debris that many a coffee maker confronts in the process of preparing their brews.

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Note that Worth: Is the Hamilton Beach 49980A a Worthy Purchase?

YES, it is! This is the brewer to go for if you are a coffee enthusiast who desires to quench the thirst for coffee instantly. It is cheap, affordable, easy to use, and faster. These traits are all that a brewer of its kind is generally expected to possess. Go for it and quench your thirst for coffee if and when it arises!