Cuisinart DGB-900BC Review: The Best Coffee Maker

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3.9/5 on August 24, 2017

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4,708 reviews



  1. Burr coffee grinder (not a chopper).
  2. Programmable.
  3. Coffee strength control.
  4. Grind control to select a number of cups.


  1. Brew Pause™ has a timer.
  2. Carafe gets filled with ground coffee sediment.
  3. LCD is small.


If you need nothing but the best, you should be willing to spend top dollar for it. However, if you have value for money on your mind, the coffee maker can fit your bill just fine.

Want a feature-rich coffee maker that reads your mind? Then look no further! The coffee maker is Grind & Brew Thermal 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker might be just what you need.

Well, it does not read minds. But it has a host of features that will make you think it does.

There are lots of coffee makers in the market. But only a few can do what the Cuisinart DGB-900BC coffee maker can in the sub-premium category.

A fully programmable coffeemaker with an LCD panel, a strength selector, and volume control, the DGB-900BC has many unique features that will justify its price tag. So let us see how it makes coffee for us.

Design & Hardware

The DGB-900BC looks sleek and stylish. It has that elegant shape brought about by a simple design. The narrow and vertical shape complimented by beautiful, rounded edges brings out the classy look of it.

The hopper container lid transparent, allowing you to watch the coffee beans sink as the grinder does its job. The dimensions are just right, at 1.7 x 8.4 x 16.2 inches, which means it can sit quietly in that corner in the yonder. Weighing in at 9.9 pounds out of the box, it is not too difficult to move around a black body with silver.

A black body with a silver colored top makes a pleasant object to view at, and the shape is nice enough to match your décor. At the belly of this machine is the burr grinder. It automatically grinds the beans before they pass on into the mixing chute.

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Cuisinart DGB-900BC coffee maker

The resting plate provided with it is scratch-resistant, with a non-stick coating. So if you are worried about your kid dragging the coffee maker over your glass or polished surface, rest assured that it will not damage.

The construction of this coffee maker feels very modular. Almost everything can disassemble for cleaning and put back together without much effort. For the DIY enthusiast, Cuisinart includes a user manual, a user guide for optimal operation and maintenance.

What good is a coffee maker without a carafe? The included thermal carafe has a hands-free lid. It has made with double walled and insulated stainless steel, and more than enough to keep your coffee piping hot. Just fill this up to have 12 instant, steaming cups of coffee for your guests.


1. Burr grinder

What certainly sets this apart from the competition is that it grinds the beans, instead of chopping them. If you have been drinking coffee your whole life, you will immediately notice the difference in taste.

2. Coffee without hassle

Cuisinart has tried its level best to make the DGB-900BC as user-friendly as possible. That does not mean ‘made for stupid.’ Rather, the features included in the package make the operation less stressful and you get what you want.

3. Safety First

The 8 oz. hopper container and its lid can remove very quickly. But there is a knob that locks the container to the unit to prevent accidental detachment. A safety interlocking system prevents the operation of the entire unit if the hopper removed.

4. Brew Pause™

How often have you had to clean up the tray underneath because the cup was removed mid-brew, or overflowed a bit? Say bye-bye to the messy cleanup with Brew Pause™.

If the carafe removed from its resting plate, the flow of coffee stops immediately. It comes with a catch though. If the carafe removes from the plate mid-brew, you have 20 seconds to put it back on.

5. Strength selector

The DGB-900BC has a power selector that allows you to choose your refreshment level. You have three choices – high, medium or mild.

6. Grind control

You can select the amount of coffee it brews from a standard 2 cups for his and her, all the way up to 12. Other notable features include a 24-hour programmable timer, automatic shut-off and grind off.

The unit also comes with a gold-tone permanent filter and a charcoal water filter. The only thing you might worry about is calcification if you have a hard water problem. You will need to remove the metal parts and decalcify them regularly for optimal operation.

Does worth Cuisinart dgb-900bc?

The features and looks may catch your eye and work wonders for your coffee needs. If you require picky, some things can improve.

  1. I wonder why there is a 20-second timer if the carafe is pulled out. What happens if someone forgets about replacing it immediately?
  2. The carafe eventually gets filled up with sediments from ground coffee. So whoever gets the last cup, better prepared for an ultra-strong, ground-bean-filled hot mess. What good is the gold-tone commercial grade filter if it allows some ground coffee down the pot?
  3. The sensors detecting filter basket fill-up are not up to the mark. There are times when the thing keeps indicating that the baskets need to clean even if you’ve done it already.
  4. The LED panel could be a bit bigger for convenience.

Barring these issues, the DGB900-BC makes excellent, tasty coffee, which is its primary function. The rest of the features are just bells and whistles that you can do with or without.

First purchase or not, if you need properly ground coffee, then Cuisinart coffee maker should be your obvious choice. If you are still not sure, check out what other people think about it.

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