Braun KF7150BK Review: A Good Brew Sense Drip Coffee Maker

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4.5/5 on February 1, 2018

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879 reviews


1. Compact size saves you space

2. Easy to use

3. Excellent features for affordable price

4. Quick brew duration

5. Dishwasher safe


1. Lacks thermal carafe

2. Small water tank opening

3. High power consumption


Unlike other coffee makers in the market currently, Mr. Coffee café barista packs a punch of top-notch features which let you enjoy quality coffee at a price which does not bleed or cause you to break your budget.

For instance, It boasts an excellent build and a compact size which enables you to effortlessly make that perfect cup of coffee to kick-start your day in style. Find out all you need to know about it in the coffee maker review below.

Before you buy Braun kf7150bk, read our full review. Finding the right coffee maker has never been easy even when you have the right amount to buy it.

Reason being, there are far too many of them in the market currently and with each company claiming that it gives the best, making a selection is quite a daunting task.

It packs all the bells and whistles regarding Mr. Coffee café barista which means you will purchase something that you are fully informed of its features and flaws

Design & Hardware

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Braun KF7150BK Coffee Maker

Since we live in a world where appearances matters, we are happy to let you know that Mr. Coffee café’s barista design does not disappoint.

For instance, it is plastic made, and most of its parts are covered in stainless steel which when combined with its black color looks quite elegant. It measures 14 by 8 inches in height and width hence compact enough to fit in a standard kitchen cabinet.

It has a plastic filter basket, and you have the option of using a gold tone permanent filter or a paper coffee filter. An LCD screen which displays time and nine control buttons on its edge make it easy even for a first time user to brew coffee.

It uses an electric hot plate and a glass carafe which keeps your coffee warm for about one to two hours and comfortably holds sixty ounces of coffee.

Hence you cannot leave your coffee for too long, and you have to be extra careful while pouring because it easily drips and spills coffee from its sides.


Apart from its convenient design, it also packs a bunch of features as shown below:

1. Programmable Timer: If you are among people who prefer a programmable coffee maker, we are glad to let you know you can do so with My Coffee café Barista. For instance, it has a programmable timer through which you can schedule your brews for even a day before.

That means if you have an early morning, you can set your brews the night before, wake up, do all that you want and find your coffee ready. Moreover, you can schedule a cleaning cycle.

2. Auto-shut feature: Many are the times you leave your home in a hurry only to remember that you did not turn off the coffee maker, or any other home appliance. Fortunately, with the Braun’s Mr.

Coffee café barista that is the last thing you have to worry about. It comes with an auto-shut feature which means it will automatically turn itself off after a period of no use.

3. Anti-drip feature: Another feature which you will love about this coffee maker is that you can now pour yourself a cup of coffee as the rest is still brewing and not make a mess. That is thanks to the anti-drip feature through which you can pause and pour and then continue brewing.

Therefore, if you are making coffee for the whole family but you are in a rush, you can always leave the rest of it brewing and grab yours without any inconvenience. However, as mentioned earlier, you ought to pour carefully.

4. Variable coffee strength: Whether you like your coffee strong or simply medium, then Mr. Coffee café barista allows you to take it just how your taste buds love it. That is thanks to the bold strength selector through which you can set it to make you a regular or robust cup of coffee.

5. Temperature control: One of the problems which most users experience with their coffee makers is that they tend to hit high temperatures within a few minutes of brewing.

That means that they are always at a risk of overheating which leads to them becoming useless. Luckily, that is now a thing of the past with the review as it has an excellent temperature control system which ensures that it does not exceed 93.3 degrees during the entire brewing system.

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The coffee maker has a power consumption of about 1000 watts per session and is compatible with any standard power outlet. That means it is compatible with alternative power sources such as your home’s power backup when there is a blackout, and you badly need a cup of coffee. Nevertheless, it is not compatible with other home appliances.

However, that should not discourage you as it is a typical downside among most coffee makers. Additionally, it is dishwasher safe which means you can disengage its parts for cleaning and later assemble them even if you are a first time user without any difficulties.

Note worth: Is Braun KF7150BK Budget-Friendly?

For its budget-friendly price, Mr. Coffee café barista is worth every shilling you spend on it. It packs a punch of features which make it easy to use.

For instance, the LCD with a digital clock display and timer offers convenience in many ways while the bold strength selector allows you to have your coffee just the way you like.

It has a high capacity hence you will prepare coffee for your whole family in one run. Although it has a few flaws such as the fact that it uses a glass carafe instead of a thermal one and also tends to drip and spill occasionally, these are not deal breakers as the positives outweigh the negatives.