Bonavita bv1900ts Review: Enjoy Coffee Making at Its Best

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4.1/5 on September 8, 2018

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3,484 reviews


1. Attractive and compact design

2. One-button operation

3. Better saturation

4. Short brewing time


1. Limited to 8 cups

2. Non-programmable


If you have been searching for a simple to operate coffee maker, then rest your case there as this Bonavita bv1900ts is the exact thing for you. It is a simple machine that does not involve many complicated options and buttons.

Brewing coffee using this unit is just simple. The process will only include fresh water and fresh coffee.

Indeed, it is a simple machine with no brew pause, no programmability, no timer, yet does the job right to ensure that you get the coffee you have been yearning for years past.

Do you know that reaching and maintaining an optimum temperature is a crucial requirement in brewing coffee? If yes, know that when you brew coffee using too hot or cold water, you will not get the desired taste and quality at the end? You ought to know that.

But how can you maintain the optimum temperature? Sounds a difficulty, right?

With the Bonavita coffee brewer, reaching the required temperature for the brewing of coffee will not be a problem. It comes fitted with heaters that make reaching an optimum temperature easy as well as maintaining that temperature for the right taste and quality of your brewed coffee.

Built & Design

Bonavita bv1900ts

This unit was built to make the coffee brewing process simple. With this unit, you will only deal with fresh coffee, pure filtered water and you will have your coffee ready.

It has been designed to use the essential elements necessary for coffee brewing. With a single operation design, simplicity is guaranteed.

Specifically designed with a double-walled tempered glass that is long lasting and also plays an important role to heat retention properties.

Its double-walled twist keeps your carafe cool enough to touch. On the upper side is a removable lid that also helps with heat retention after brewing.


Double-Walled Twist: With an added double walled twist, the Bonavita coffee brewer is enough to surf any person with classic coffee.

Specifically made to fit with the brewer, the double-walled twist will work well with the stainless steel carafe that will accompany your brewer.

The double walled twist makes it simple to add an adapter ring to the brew basket.

Wide Showerhead: To ensure uniform extraction, this unit comes with a wide showered design to enhance even distribution of water on coffee grounds.

You will get an even saturation from the precise flat-bottomed filter basket. More so, you will have an optimal flavor using simple ingredients.

Stainless Steel Carafes: If you don’t know what a carafe is, it is the flask that holds the coffee when filtering it through the filter basket. Most units usually come with glass insulated carafe.

The glass insulated carafe has some issues associated with it. Heat from coffee causes the carafe to fade over time, and this ends up leaving shards of glass into your brewed coffee. Believe me or not, this is not what you want.

Luckily for this unit, instead of the insulated glass carafe, you will have a stainless steel carafe. This ensures you don’t face any of those hitches with this model.

SCA Certified: The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is an association based on enrollment that involves coffee companies, coffee farmers, consultants and roasters who share much knowledge and skill with all their coffee.

It is an association that determines details for coffee brewer-creators who assume they would ensure the coffee for customers.

The specific requirements formulated by the SCA cover various aspects such as; the size of the brewing box, time and temperature of production, the abundance of extraction and dipping, and also, the carafe’s ability to hold the once-brewed coffee temperature.

One-Touch Brew: If you are that person who makes his way to the kitchen every morning and you are sure that technology has committed to your mortal enemy, you will be grateful for this unit.

The Bonavita coffee maker accompanies an element that gives them an identity “single touch machine.”

Say goodbye to timers, temperature settings, and several buttons and options that have an intrinsic potential to make your life hopeless when you badly need a cup of coffee.

Just add the coffee, pour in freshly filtered water and with a single touch of a button, your coffee is ready. The omission of many options implies that the quality and taste of coffee is pre-set, so you can take care of business every time without having to go to extra lengths.

You also do not have to stress about setting up timers to brew your coffee automatically, to know that your coffee has been sitting too long, or it has probably become very cold.

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When it comes to the compatibility of this machine, it can be said that it is a reliable machine that will guarantee everyday brewing of coffee. The Bonavita coffee brewer is both easy to use and set for simple coffee brewing. It’s a simple machine with two options and one button.

The single button is only to turn it “on” or “off.” The same button, when held for a few seconds, activates the pre-infusion option.

To ensure that the pre-infusion option is activated, hold the button until you see the light blinks. Confusing?

Yeah, you can use the same button to activate the pre-infusion option as well as put it ‘on” and “off.”

Note that Worth: Is Bonavita bv1900ts Worth Its Price?

With a Bonavita coffee machine, you are only a short distance from a coffee. It is a refined coffee brewer with the necessary components to make it easy to mix excellent coffee reliably.

The Specialty Coffee Association perceives the smartness of the bv1900ts as a hallmark of its Certified Home Brewer program.

The Bonavita brewer is designed to mix a full pot of coffee at 195-205 ° F. When coffee interacts with the air; the temperature drops dramatically.

After mixing a full pot, the temperature in the carafe is usually 175-185 ° F. Herein, mixing a smaller cluster or preparing in a region of higher altitudes can result in a lower temperature.